Technical knowledge in recruitment

At Ants Tech Recruiters, we have always educated our own employees within areas of tech recruitment. For almost as long, we have educated industry colleagues and customers in the same areas. 

Our course in Technical knowledge in recruitment teaches you all that is needed to know about technologies, programming languages and how different parts of the development chain are connected. In the long run, this will make you more confident within the tech area and through that, you can build trust with your candidates. 

The course can be tailored to fit your needs but typically includes areas such as:

  • Basics and terms needed to understand your target group and attract the right candidates
  • Support
  • Operations and network including servers and operating system
  • Development including programming languages, tests, microservices and agile methods. 

What's next?

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We offer both digital and on-site courses. 

Please note that this course is directed towards employees in an organization and not private persons

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