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3 November 15:30

Let's talk sourcing!

Wednesday the 3rd of November, we are hosting a digital chat about tech-sourcing. We all know the tech market has a huge competence gap which makes us recruiters work hard for their attention. It's not only about finding the perfect candidate, but also to do that in the most efficient and yet qualitative manner possible. Let's share our thoughts, insights and together become better at sourcing tech candidates! 

To feel a personal connection between us, we've made this event smaller so that we all feel comfortable sharing. We provide the topics, but the conversations to follow is up to all of us. If you miss this one you don't have to worry, we have more sourcing-events coming up soon. 

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All you need to know

A few days before the event you will receive a link to the Teams online-call, you can join the call regardless of your email provider. 

Want to bring a colleague? Absolutely, just make sure they sign up on their own. 

Looking forward to meeting you online!

Waiting list


Lina Sylvén
Talent Acquisition Consultant

Lina is a Talent Acquisition Consultant at Ants with an extra interest for sourcing and diverse and inclusive recruitment.

Reach out to her at lina.sylven@ants.se

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Annie Åström
Talent Acquisition Manager

Annie is one of our Talent Acquisition Managers, with an extra focus on innovation and educating our colleagues in sourcing. She's also hosting a sourcing education in February!

You can reach her at annie.astrom@ants.se

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