What is digital.sourcathon?

digital.sourcathon is an online competition in sourcing by Ants Tech Recruiters, where professional researchers and recruiters come to boost their skills and compete in a fun challenge! This is as much of an opportunity to compete and show of your skills, as it is an opportunity to keep your skills in sourcing up to date and learn about cool new ways of finding talent. 

We have prepared some tricky questions and you will have a limitied time for each one. The one with the most amount of correct answers will be annouced the winner!

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All you need to know

Once you sign up you will receive a link to the Teams online-call, you can join the call regardless of your email-provider. We will send all other information needed to join the Sourcathon in the Teams-call. 

After the competition we will send you the correct answers and solutions - so you can learn any tips and tricks that you didn't know before.

Want to bring a colleague? Absolutely, just make sure they sign up on their own. Looking forward to meeting you online!



Sign in and information

A few minutes to let everyone sign in and to give some initial information about the Sourcathon.

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Sourcathon starts!

You have now gotten all information needed to start sourcing and to start this competition! Let's have some fun!

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Wrap up

A few minutes to talk about the competition. What question was the hardest? Did you get stuck somewhere, or was it all smooth sailing? Let's wrap this competition up!

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We have a winner!

The winner, second and third-place will be announced later in the week via email as well as on Ants - Tech Recruiters linkedin.

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Annie Åström
Talent Acquisition Consultant

Annie is one of our Talent Acquisition Consultants, with an extra focus on innovation and educating our colleagues in sourcing. She's also organizing different Sourcing-events and seminars!

You can reach her at annie.astrom@ants.se

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Léon Judovic
Talent Acquisition Manager

Léon is a Talent Acquisition Manager at Ants and is responsible for our sourcing educations internally and externally at Ants. He was at SourceCon in Atlanta last year and brought some very good insights home!

You can reach him at leon.judovic@ants.se

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