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27 January 2023 09:00

How do you work with diversity and inclusion in headhunting?

Why don't you start off Friday the 27th of January together with colleagues in Talent Acquisition discussing the important subject of how we can work with diversity and inclusion within the craft of headhunting?

Diversity and inclusion is something that needs to flow through the entire recruitment process and during this occasion we will focus on the initial part of it: headhunting and sourcing.

During this hour, all of us will share our thoughts on how we can raise awareness of our own biases, work towards them and discuss what tools we use to help us along the way.

We will focus on headhunting and discuss:

  • The challenges we face in headhunting related to diversity and inclusion
  • How do we meet these challenges within tech and the big competence gap

We’re all about sharing knowledge! Since we want all participants to feel a personal connection and be comfortable sharing experiences, we have made this event smaller. We will provide the topics, but it is up to all of us to make the conversation flow.

This event is free to join. Sign up to secure your spot, and be ready on the 27th of January at 09:00 am!

All you need to know

This event is completely free of charge.

A few days before the event you will receive a link to the Teams online-call, you can join the call regardless of your email provider. 

Want to bring a colleague? Absolutely, just make sure they sign up on their own. 

Looking forward to meeting you online!

Waiting list


Lina Sylven
Talent Acquistion Manager

Lina is one of our Talent Acquisition Managers here at Ants. Besides overseeing our projects with our clients and coaching our Talent Acquisitions Consultants, she is the Comptence Lead for our area of Diversity & Inclusion.

Reach out to her at lina.sylven@ants.se

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Stina Alfredsson
Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Stina is one of our Talent Acquisition Consultants here at Ants. Besides helping our clients with finding top talent in tech she is a part of the group Diversity & Inclusion.

Reach out to her at stina.alfredsson@ants.se

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