Data-driven recruitment

At Ants Tech Recruiters, we have always educated our own employees within areas of tech recruitment. For almost as long, we have educated industry colleagues and customers in the same areas. 

Our course in Data-driven recruitment will teach you the foundations of measurability. Working data-driven gives us a bigger understanding of the work that goes into hiring a candidate. The purpose is partly to increase the understanding of a data-driven way of working and show the practical uses of statistics in everyday work. 

The course can be tailored to fit your needs but typically includes areas such as:

  • The foundation of measurability
  • The benefits of working with data-driven recruitment
  • Measurement points and key figures and what they tell us in our work 
  • How to analyze the data and what the analysis can contribute with in terms of insights to optimize and quality assure the recruitment process

What's next?

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We offer both digital and on-site courses.

Please note that this course is directed towards employees in an organization and not private persons 

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