Bootcamp for new talents in tech recruitment!

As a recruiter or TA (Talent Acquisition) within tech, it has long been a challenge in locating tech competence and at the same time attracting them to your positions. Therefore, companies are to a greater extent expanding with their own TA specialists that proactively work with tech recruitment - specialists that have been proven to be at least as difficult to find. 

So, how do companies that are in urgent need of tech competence but can't find the right TA specialists to attract them do? 

At Ants we invest in potential rather than experience, we hire those who are willing to learn and develop at a fast pace. We are proud to say that we for a long time have educated our own employees and invested in junior talents. The key to this is a solid onboarding program and continuous skill development. 

To meet the needs of the market and the lack of TA, we want to share our successful concept with you. That is why we have packaged a 12-week program for new talents within tech recruitment.

The program consists of:

  • Technical Fundamentals, Sourcing Fundamentals, Copywriting Fundamentals, Data-Driven Recruitment and Recruitment Process.
  • Advanced courses in Copywriting, Sourcing and Conducting Interviews.
  • Material and templates needed for the daily work.
  • Workshops/Q&As where the participants get the opportunity to discuss questions and tasks with our experts.

The purpose is to assist with the knowledge and tools needed to get started and succeed with tech recruitment. We go through the basic principles and working methods needed to succeed in attracting and recruiting your target group. 

If you already have skilled TAs in place but feel that you want to develop your skills in a specific area, we also offer tailor-made courses, which you can find here: 

Tailor-made courses for your company

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We will set up a meeting to go through the concept and details of each part of the different courses as well as what you and the participants can expect. 

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Please note that this Bootcamp is directed towards employees in an organization and not private persons.

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